Bison Education is able to support you in all aspects of the EHC Plan Process from requesting an assessment to appealing at Tribunal.

The EHC Plan process can be confusing to parents and young people and the thought of a Tribunal can seem daunting. Bison Education can provide support at every step along the way.

What is an EHC Plan?

An EHC Plan details all the educational needs and health needs (which impact your child’s education), outlines the provision and support your child needs to access education and names the agency responsible for providing that support.

An EHC Plan brings together all aspects of your child’s education and considers the views of experts such as an Education Psychologist and the current school (if your child is school age) to best display your child’s needs and the support they require.

The EHC Plan process considers the views of the child concerned and should illustrate their hopes and dreams for the future and your views as the parent.

How will it benefit my child?

An EHC Plan formalises the responsibilities of the educational setting, local authority, and other agencies in providing support for your child. It allows perspective education settings to understand your child’s needs to make sure they are able to provide the right support for your child.

What does Bison Education Do?

Our first initial advice session lasts 30 minutes and is completely free. In this session with our education advocate you can discuss at what stage you are in the process and what further action needs to be taken, should you wish to progress the matter further.

Advice is given in relation to what Bison Education can provide and what you as a parent or young person can do in order to further the case yourself. Our Education Advocate will also discuss with you your options in terms of instructing Bison in your education matter and the packages most suitable for you.

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