Bison Education also provides legal support to schools and parental support groups in respect of EHC Plans and Special Educational needs advice.

SEN SUPPORT for Schools

The EHC Plan Process can be equally daunting for schools as well as parents, with schools turning down pupils with EHC plans as they worry they will not be able to support the child.

Schools are also often reluctant to suggest a child needs an EHC plan, however this can be helpful for both the child and the school, with additional funding available to schools should it be deemed necessary.

Or it may be that you are unsure if you are legally required to provide the support you are being asked to. We can advise on this.

Advice rates to schools are charged at £120 per hour +VAT.


Parent Support Groups

Bison Education offers support to parental support groups. We offer Advice workshops to parent support groups on the EHC plan process, as well as individual consultation appointments with parents after the workshop to discuss individual issues in more detail.


The workshops and individual advice sessions are free to parent support groups.

For more information, or to book an appointment please get in touch!

Tel: 01252 268 068