We are here to help you if you are separating or divorced.  Bison Solicitors can give you clear advice, and help you reach agreement about who looks after your children.

Child custody, maintenance and contact times are issues that often occur if a child’s parents are not together, are separating or if a family member has been separated from a child.

In some cases you may want to seek shared or joint custody over the responsibility for the day to day care of a child. Joint custody often results in a child spending time with each parent on different days. You may also want to seek legal custody of your child or children yourself.

Our family specialists at Bison will provide you with support in residence disputes, where we will help you apply for a child arrangement order to sort out legally where your child or children will live.

Has your child been removed from the care of their family? Have family members restricted your access for the child’s protection?

If you find yourself dealing with a circumstance like this contact, our family law specialists will help you understand how court orders may affect your family and we can help you manage any disputes, in relation to contact, that you have with individuals or the courts.

We can help you if your child is taken from you illegally by another parent or independent party.

Child law also applies to the issues of child abduction. Usually this occurs when one parent takes a child or children from the other, despite legal rulings or without respecting the divorce or contact agreements. Our friendly team will explain what to do in this situation, offering you confidential support and assistance.

Whatever the situation, our family law specialists will provide you with guidance on how best to act and will explain your rights and obligations in regards to the children and any actions you can take.

If you are uncertain about your situation and would like to get some advice from one of the team please get in touch!