Have you and a partner or friend decided to live together?

People living together who are not married or in a legally recognised partnership do not have the same protections should their living arrangements break down or they decide it is time to go their separate ways.

Here at Bison Solicitors we can help you set out an agreement that helps take care of those important question which may arise during these difficult times. Questions such as who owns what? Who is responsible for settling the bills? and Who has to move out if it all goes wrong?

At Bison we understand the importance of planning ahead and being prepared for the challenges of living together

If you are planning on moving in with a partner or a friend, then a cohabitiation agreement will provide you with legal protections which will set out your rights in relation to your new home. The agreement will also set out what will happen if your living arrangement breaks down and you chose to stop living together.

Our team at Bison understand that reaching an agreement and planning for troubles ahead may be hard

Your advisor will therefore give you clear advice and set out the advantages of being prepared with a cohabitation agreement. The agreement will provide you with certainty over your rights and responsibilities in your household. It will help to sort out issues with joint bank accounts, joinly owned items, bill payments and any rental arrears.

By creating the agreement, you create a plan to support yourself in the future if things unfortunately do not go as planned.

You still have rights if you don’t have a Cohabitation Agreement – Bison can help!

If you do not have a Cohabitation Agreement, and you are currently going through the process of separating from someone that you have been living with, then our team can help to provide you with clear legal advice. Bison can set out your options to help you resolve your situation and quickly and as effectively as possible.

Whatever your situation, whether you are looking to create an agreement, or your current living arrangements ar breaking down with no agreement in place, our family law speialists will provide you with clear legal advice and representation

If you are uncertain about your situation and would like to get an opinion from one of our team please get in touch.