Judicial review is a legal process by which public bodies are made accountable for their decision or indecision.  The law in this area is extremely complex, so how do you know you may have a case?  These are some indicators – Have you been treated fairly?  Is the decision reasonable under the circumstance? If the decision does not feel right, speak to us.

Examples of public bodies include:

  • Local authority, public servants in government organisation such as schools, local NHS GPs, benefit offices, hospitals, social services, child protection agencies, government officials such as ministers, chief executives, local authorities, social services and immigration officials.

If you wish to challenge the decision, you must do this within a short period of time. Bison offer 30 mins free consultation to discuss the issues.

It may be that the decision is not made by a natural person, but by a piece of legislation, policy or guidelines. The decision or refusal to make a decision often has a huge impact on our day to day life.

The law requires that the decision maker makes this decision in accordance to the law or procedure prescribed by the law. The decision maker must take into account of many factors including human rights law when making decisions.

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