Child Law

Bison has one of the most successful teams of child custody and access solicitors in the United Kingdom. Working with you to make sure that matters about your children are handled correctly. Keeping your child’s welfare at the heart of all our priorities.


How can our specialist Child Law team help you?

Child Family Law – Custody Disputes & Child Maintenance

Your children are your priority. Bison understands during times of family difficulty the concerns you have about your children’s welfare.

Our child support lawyers thoughtfully make the best arrangements for your children. Working alongside you to make a difficult process easier. Providing you with effective distinct advice for your individual situation.


  • Assist with single or joint child custody agreements
  • Child Support & Maintenance Negotiations
  • Residence disputes
  • Court Ordered contact disputes
  • Child abduction

Seeking to help you across all of the aspects of child law, Bison’s Solicitors have established a high-success rate within this complicated field.

Our family law solicitors are available for a no-cost 30-minute consultation to help you figure out your options. Giving you the best child custody legal advice.

Let us help you today with child law

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