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We have one of the UK’s most successful child custody and access teams, with your child’s welfare paramount.

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How can our Child Law solicitors help you?

Your children are your priority and their needs must always come first. With any relationship breakdown where a child is involved, it’s essential to seek specialist advice.

Bison Solicitors is based in Aldershot in Hampshire, but we also cover much of the country from our offices in Manchester, Somerset, the Isle of Wight and Cambridgeshire. We have a team of senior solicitors who specialise in family law, supported by other lawyers and paralegals as required.

Our child support lawyers will act thoughtfully make the best arrangements for your children. We will work alongside you to make a difficult process easier, providing you with clear and effective advice tailored to your individual situation.

How can our child law solicitors help you?

Bison’s has a high-success rate within this complicated field and we can assist you across all aspects of child-related law.

This includes:

  • Single or joint child custody agreements
  • Child support and maintenance negotiations
  • Advice on parental responsibility generally and in specific areas
  • Residence disputes
  • Court-ordered contact disputes
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abduction
  • Adoption law
  • Surrogacy law

Whatever the issue and whatever your situation, we will act with both sympathy and dedication. We will work passionately to ensure that you and your child or children are well represented, and the best possible outcome is achieved for all.

Applying for a court order

The best way forward is for you and your partner to try and reach an agreement together. Mediation can help in these circumstances and we are able to point you in the right direction for this. If you are unable to reach agreement, then the court will issue an order to establish custody and living arrangements after a divorce or separation.

The most common court orders here are:

  • Child Arrangement Orders – these cover day-to-day matter such as where your child will live. Also the amount of communication and personal contact that the parent who is not caring for the child can have.
  • Specific Issue Orders – these cover specific requirements about upbringing, such as which school they go to or their religious upbringing.
  • Prohibited Steps Orders – these can be issued to stop a parent from making decisions regarding upbringing without consulting the other parent.

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The Welfare Checklist

When considering a decision, family courts will take into account seven statutory criteria, known as the Welfare Checklist. These cover:

  1. The wishes and feelings of the child (tempered by their age and level of understanding).
  2. Their physical, emotional and educational needs.
  3. The likely effect on the child of a change in their circumstances as a result of what the court decides.
  4. Their age, sex, background and any special characteristics which are relevant.
  5. Any harm they have suffered or may be at risk of suffering in the future.
  6. How capable each of the parents are in meeting the child’s needs.
  7. The range of powers the court has available in the current proceedings to make the best decision for the child.

Together, they answer the overriding question of what is in the best interests of the child. In cases that go to court, we will work with you to ensure you and your child are properly and sensitively represented.

What will a child law solicitor cost?

Over 90% of our work is legally aided. If you are not eligible for legal aid, we can act for you as a private client. You’ll find that our fees are much lower than most other solicitors charge.
To help you get started, we even offer a free 30-minute initial consultation – For details, please contact Bison today on +44 (0)1252 268068

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