Cohabitation Rights

Behind every door is a different story. Bison recognises that each partnership, family, or living situation is different. We can help you set out an agreement to plan for any changes. Giving you peace of mind.


How can our specialist Cohabitation Rights team help you?

Cohabiting Couples Property Rights – Preparation is key

Living together with someone you are not married or in a legally recognised partnership with means you do not have the same protections.

A cohabitation agreement will provide you with the legal protections which clearly outline your rights if things were to change.

Your Bison specialist adviser will give you the best protection when It comes to your cohabitation rights. We understand that sometimes this can be an awkward situation to bring up, especially when you have just moved in with someone.

Our team will make the process as positive as possible, highlighting the advantages to being prepared. Giving your living arrangements at home the best start possible.

Cohabitation – Your rights without an agreement

Bison Solicitors can assist those who are facing uncertainty after their living arrangements have changed. Though creating a cohabitation agreement is important – you still have rights without one in place.

Your Bison Solicitor will clearly outline your options going forward, providing you with crystal-clear legal advice. Resolving your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Let us help you today with cohabitation rights

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