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Our legal professionals can help safeguard you and your family with a domestic abuse injunction.

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How can our Court Injunction lawyers help you?

If you have an abusive partner or family member, our dedicated family law team is here to help. We have an excellent track record in successfully obtaining domestic violence injunctions.

Our priority is achieving an outcome for you that leaves you feeling safe and able to move on with your life.

We can guide you through the process of obtaining an injunction, figuring out the legal options best for you. We will also be able to provide information on how long a court injunction lasts and what your next steps will be.

Bison Solicitors is based in Aldershot, Hampshire, and with offices in Somerset, Manchester, Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Wight, we are able to cover most of the country.

What is a Court Injunction?

A court ordered injunction is an order that requires someone to do (or not do) something.

Under the Family Law Act, there are two types of injunctions available for victims of domestic violence: an Occupation Order and a Non-Molestation Order.

  • Occupation Order: This states who is allowed to live in the family home and can be used to prevent an abusive partner, family member or another person from entering the home or the surrounding areas.
  • Non-Molestation Order: This prevents your partner from threatening violence against you or your children. It also includes preventing them from harassing or intimidating you. Breaching a non-molestation order is an arrestable defence.

Both of these orders can be used by non-married as well as married people. They can be applied to both current and former partners, as well as to others, such as a relation who lives with you.

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How to obtain a Court Injunction

If you are in immediate danger, then you should first contact the police. Otherwise, get in touch with us to find out if you are eligible for either of the court orders listed above. We have an ability to act at very short notice and to move fast.

We will listen carefully to you to make sure we have all the facts and to help you to assess all your options. We will also clearly explain the process involved with getting an injunction. Our lawyers are passionate about their work and dedicated to helping you get the right result.

Injunctions are normally for a specific period, but you can apply to renew them. You may also be able to apply to make the timeframe ‘until further order’ – this effectively means that the injunction period is indefinite.

You are able to ask for a domestic violence injunction against someone without them being present at a court hearing. The courts also have the power to order that person to pay you money towards the mortgage or rent, and upkeep of the property, even if they are not allowed to live there.

Where to get help for domestic violence

There are various organisations which can provide support – just follow the links for more information.

Refuge – for victims of domestic violence of either sex. They also run the confidential National Domestic Abuse Helpline.

Victim Support – confidential information and support for victims of both sexes, including domestic abuse outreach services.

Women’s Aid – providing life-saving services and building a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.

Domestic Violence Intervention Project – London-based organisation supporting women and children facing domestic abuse.

Men’s Advice Line – advice and support for men experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

Mankind Initiative – a confidential helpline and other support for men escape domestic abuse.

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