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Our specialist solicitors offer advice and legal assistance in all separation and divorce matters.

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How can our Divorce solicitors help you?

Divorce, legal separation and family breakdowns are particularly challenging for all parties concerned. At Bison, our aim is to help you understand and resolve the situation with tailored legal advice that’s easy to understand and follow.

Our team of dedicated family lawyers is based at Aldershot, Hampshire, and we also have offices in Manchester, Somerset, Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Wight. We work with families and couples all across the UK, including same-sex couples.

We will start by listening closely to what you tell us, helping you work out what it’s the best course of action. Bison will also help you figure out financial matters and agreements. These can often be the most complicated part of the separation process. Our knowledgeable team will give you complete support and understanding at all times when handling private and often upsetting matters.

If your separation or divorce involves children, our child support team will assist in the legal matters concerning the welfare of your children. That includes child custody agreements and maintenance support negotiations. For details, see our Child Support Law page

Are you considering a separation or divorce?

Separation is a highly complex and emotional situation, and each individual challenge is unique.

Bison can provide you with advice and legal support for any divorce or separation issues. There are several options available, and we will work to help you take the path that best suits your needs. Though a divorce seems the most obvious response to a marital breakdown, your individual circumstances could mean that a legal separation is more appropriate.

Proceedings surrounding divorce or separation vary widely and can include a whole range of related issues, from child custody to financial agreements. You may also choose to avoid legal proceedings to begin with and have a separation agreement. We will ensure you are fully aware of all the options.

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Looking at the options

You might wish to start with a trial separation to figure out how things might be if the separation was to become permanent. If so, our team can talk you through the personal and financial considerations and agreements which need to be made. We can also offer advice on moving on from this to formal divorce proceedings.

If you and your partner have decided to end your marriage or civil partnership, most of the legal work required will cover reaching settlements on issues such as dividing the matrimonial home and other finances.

If children are involved, you will need to agree custody arrangements and ensure parental responsibilities are protected and fulfilled. Our team of lawyers can help you through this process and assist with negotiations. We can also put you in touch with mediators for child contact agreements.

Free advice to help you consider the first step

You may at this stage simply be considering your options. You may also have not informed your partner of your thoughts or decisions.

We can begin by giving you clear and substantial advice, tailored to your specific situation and needs. If you’re unsure on whether you are ready to divorce, our team can help you explore all the options available to you.

Your first 30-minute advice session with us is free. To find out more and book your free session, contact Bison today on +44 (0)1252 268068

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