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Bison Solicitors are specialists in the field of UK Immigration. Helping a range of people, our team have successfully represented clients on all aspects of their UK immigration cases.


How can our specialist Immigration Law team help you?

The UK’s policies on Immigration, visas and ‘free movement’ are likely to change over the next few months. This is mainly down to the impact of Brexit but also due to the current uncertain domestic political environment.
Bison Solicitors understand that the current uncertainty may be causing you and your family problems in terms of planning for the future. Bison Solicitors are here to help secure your peace of mind with expert legal guidance, realistic advice and up to date legal knowledge.

The EU referendum result had a wide-reaching impact in terms of its effects on the existing UK population, as well as those looking to work and live in the UK. The UK current policy on immigration and possible changes has been widely discussed both in the press as well as in Government circles.

Britain’s exit from the European Union and the consequences on those looking to enter the UK as well as those already working, studying or resident here on a visa, has left many people worried about their future in the United Kingdom.

Immigration Legal Advice

Bison Solicitor’s dynamic legal team is at the forefront of UK immigration and visa issues. Your personal adviser will help explain your options, providing practical and realistic guidance during what can be an uncertain time. They will assist you in establishing your UK immigration status.

For many EU nationals who currently call the UK their home, the current political uncertainties may be unsettling. The issues surrounding the registration requirements for EU citizens’ can be complex and as we have seen from stories in the press, decisions are sometimes not what are expected. We strongly advise you, if affected, to seek specialist advice from Bison to maximise the chances of success in securing your UK residence rights.

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EU Workers Rights

Free movement policies enjoyed by all EU citizens as part of membership of the EU, have allowed EU citizens to move, study and work abroad with frictionless ease. Brexit will change these rights and for the vast amount of UK residents, remove the right to free movement within the EU. This creates issues both for those working abroad in the EU, and for the employers who rely on those workers as well as those EU citizens working in the UK.
Bison Solicitors work alongside the HR departments of businesses and charities, helping them to navigate complex visa applications and to secure the future of workers’ livelihoods and therefore the future success of your business.

Bison Fight for your Rights

If you have received a decision on your UK immigration status and you are unhappy with the outcome, let Bison challenge the decision on your behalf.
For example: Perhaps you and your family are facing deportation, or you may have lost your job and you need to act quickly to secure the future of your family. We can challenge decisions, advising you as to your next steps, including how to appeal the decisions you are unhappy with.

Bison Secure your Future

Bison Solicitors are experts in dealing and staying up to date with the changing landscape and demands of immigration and visa applications. We are always ready to step in and help you negotiate this often-difficult terrain.
Bison understand how time-consuming and emotional it can be to address and resolve these issues, which is why our team offer a legal service that comes with complete discretion, empathy and passion in what we do.
We never forget it the future of you and your family which is at stake.
Contact Bison today and let’s discuss how we can help you secure the future you want.

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