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Bison Solicitors’ legal team is at the forefront of UK immigration and visa issues. We work with applicants from countries across the world, and many of our lawyers are first- or second-generation immigrants themselves.

We are based in Aldershot, Hampshire, and also have offices in the Isle of Wight, Manchester, Cambridgeshire and Somerset. This means our solicitors are well placed to handle visa applications and other immigration issues across much of the country.

Your personal adviser will help explain your options, providing practical and realistic guidance during what can be an uncertain time. They will also assist you in establishing your exact UK immigration status.

For many EU nationals who currently call the UK their home, the current political uncertainties around Brexit are very unsettling. For more details on how we can help you, please see our Brexit Immigration page

How to cope with changing UK immigration policies

The UK’s policies on immigration, visas and free movement are likely to change over the next few months. This is mainly down to the impact of Brexit but also due to the current uncertain domestic political environment. The changes will affect not just EU citizens but those from elsewhere in the world.

We understand that the uncertainty may be causing you and your family problems in terms of planning for the future. Bison Solicitors can help secure your peace of mind with expert legal guidance, realistic advice and up-to-date legal knowledge.

Bison fights for your rights and your future

If you have received a ruling on your UK immigration status and are unhappy with the outcome, let us challenge it on your behalf.

Perhaps you and your family are facing deportation. Or maybe you have lost your job and need to act quickly to secure the future of your family. We can challenge decisions, advising you as to your next steps, including how to make an appeal.

We are also expert in dealing with the changing landscape and demands of immigration and visa applications. We are always ready to step in and help you negotiate this often-difficult terrain.

In addition, we understand how time-consuming and emotional it can be to address and resolve these issues, which is why our team offer a legal service that comes with complete discretion, empathy and passion in what we do. We never forget it is the future of you and your family which is at stake.

Let us help you today with immigration law

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How the points-based visa system works

Our team have successfully navigated many cases involving the UK’s points-based system for regulating immigration from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).
Originally a five-tier system, it now has four tiers:

  • Tier 1: Highly Skilled Migrants: Qualifying applicants under this category include world-leading talents in the science and arts fields, as well as high net-worth individuals who are making a substantial financial investment in the UK.
  • Tier 2: Skilled Migrants: Skilled workers can apply to enter, or remain, in the UK subject to receiving a job offer from a licensed sponsor. Upon receiving a job offer, you will then need to pass the points-based assessment and be in receipt of a valid certificate of sponsorship.
  • (Tier 3 was for low-skilled workers and no longer exists.)
  • Tier 4: Students: Foreign Nationals wishing to study within the United Kingdom must apply for a UK student visa.
  • Tier 5: Temporary Workers: There are five categories available to foreign nationals seeking temporary sponsored employment.

There are also visas available for ‘PBS Dependents’ – foreign nationals wishing to join their spouse or parent(s) who are already in the UK on a visa granted under the points-based system.

UK-registered companies plus charities and other organisations can also apply for a sponsorship licence to assist a would-be worker with a points-based system application. We would be happy to advise your organisation with this.

With the Conservatives’ 2019 election victory it’s likely than a new Australian-style points-based system will replace this, but at present, exactly how this will work and when it will be introduced has yet to be clarified.

How UK family and visit visas work

You will need a dependent settlement visa to come and live in the UK with your family, spouse or unmarried partner. A fiancé visa is required before travelling to the UK to get married or undergo a civil partnership ceremony.

Non-European nationals wishing just to visit the UK must apply for the appropriate travel visa. These visit visas are granted for a short amount of time. Categories include: general visits, family visits, business visits and medical treatment visits.

As with all visa applications, our experienced team is here to advise you on which visa you need and the correct procedure. We will help make the process faster and easier, and look to assist you and your family in achieving a successful application.

UK immigration fees

Bison Solicitors adopts a flexible approach to the costs and fees associated with UK visa applications. Our commitment to providing accessible and effective legal advice means that most of what we do is funded by legal aid. For private clients, our fees are also much lower than most other solicitors charge – details are on our Immigration Law Fees page

Our team is ready and waiting to chat with you about your immigration application or any other issue, to guide you through the relevant process, and to help you achieve the right result.
Contact Bison today to help you secure the future you want by calling +44 (0)1252 268068

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