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“I have no hesitation in recommending Bisons to anyone who needs a solicitor.”

Rabia Aleem
Senior Immigration Executive | Head of Immigration

Rabia is an experienced multi-lingual immigration expert, fluent in English, Swedish, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

With a proven track record in immigration law, Rabia is a diligent and passionate immigration expert with a vast amount of experience and knowledge.

Rabia offers a friendly, bespoke, personalised immigration advice to both individuals and businesses, specialising in solutions for complex immigration cases.

  • EU Brexit immigration advice
  • Immigration advice
  • In-country / out-of-country immigration appeals
  • Pre-action protocol / judicial review
  • Indefinite / Settlement Leave to Remain applications
  • In country application for further leave to remain / extensions
  • Asylum & Human right application
  • Entry clearance application under Immigration Rules
  • Entry clearance applications under EEA Regulations
  • Settlement / Pre-settlement applications under EU Appendix
  • Student Visa
  • Sponsorship work visa
  • Investor & Start-up Visas
  • Detention / Immigration bail
  • Appeal against Removal / Deportation orders
  • Advice on recruiting non-UK & EEA nationals after Brexit
  • Preventing illegal working
  • Objections to civil penalties and appeals following service of enforcement notices
  • Dealing with migrants after a takeover or merger
  • Landlord right to rent checks
  • Assisting with Home Office compliance visits

Immigration Law FAQs

How much does an Immigration Lawyer cost?

Costs for immigration advice varies dependent upon your case type. From short-term Visas to immigration appeals, residency applications, citizenship, detention and judicial review – Each case has its own unique level of work and hence fees.
For a full list of all our services take a look at our page on immigration law costs.

How long does an immigration appeal take?

Immigration appeals can vary in length, dependent on the complexity of your case. Usually an immigration case will take between one and six months for the full appeal process to complete.

If you are rejected by the Home Office (HO) you will receive a letter detailing whether or not you have the right to appeal. You will then have either 10 or 28 days to appeal, dependent on whether you made the appeal from within our outside the United Kingdom (UK).

How long does the immigration appeal review process take?

After lodging an appeal, the immigration appeal review process can take up to 30 weeks, dependent on the complexity of your case.

After the final hearing, where your appeal will be reviewed by a judge, there may be up to four more weeks waiting time before you receive the final decision on your case.

How long does it take to get a visa after an appeal?

If your immigration appeal is successful it can take up to an initial four weeks plus another eight weeks for the visa to be processed.

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