CHARLIE BARRASS-EVANS Law Society Mental Health Accredited Panel Member


Law Society Accredited Panel Member

Charlie was one of only a small handful to be awarded a First Class degree in Law from the University of Warwick, which was named University of the Year by The Times and the Sunday Times in 2014. During his time at university, he was involved in a number of extra-curricular activities. This included his participation for two years with the Warwick Death Penalty Project, providing assistance for lawyers working overseas for clients on death row. In his second year at the project, he was responsible for the oversight of a team of 20 volunteers. He is also a passionate commentator on the law, and has contributed articles to Warwick Law Society’s publication Obiter Dicta.

Following graduation, Charlie was employed by the University to assist Dr Dallal Stevens in the research for a forthcoming book on refugee and asylum policy in the Middle East; a topic that Charlie remains passionate about today. He also spent some time in the culinary industry, something that he has been involved with for a number of years, whilst contemplating which direction to take his legal career.

Charlie is a law society accredited panel member and has represented many clients at the First Tier (Mental Health) Tribunal. He has represented patients subject to community treatment orders, section 2, section 3, section 37, section 37/41 and section 47/49. He has obtained a number of discharges from civil sections, and conditional discharges from restricted hospital orders. Charlie prides himself on attention to detail, and his case preparation involves liaising with all relevant professionals to achieve the best option available to his clients.

Charlie understands that the Tribunal is only one element of effectively representing clients detained under the Mental Health Act. Charlie is always at hand to represent his clients at CPA meetings and Hospital Managers Hearings. He liaises with Nearest Relatives and has experience securing discharge by way of Nearest Relative applications to the Tribunal. He assists his clients in securing section 17 leave, resolving issues surrounding the availability of section 117 aftercare, and negotiating changes to their medication regime.


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