PATRICIA HAKUTANGWI Law Society Mental Health Accredited Panel Member


Law Society Accredited Panel Member

Patricia is passionate about law particularly its role in establishing, sanctioning and upholding the rites of humanity, especially those within the society who are most vulnerable. She is a forceful advocate of the correct administration of the law, ensuring that its remit of operation is not confined to the vast University Law Libraries nor the lecture theatres, but extends to practically operate in the day to day life of the ordinary man.

Patricia joined Bison Solicitors in October 2015 after a year in the Netherlands completing a Masters in Public international Law at the University of Leiden. She is avidly interested in Public International Law’s influence on domestic legal systems amidst globalization and an increasingly interdependent world, particularly the manner in which it has shaped and caused the evolution of human rights over the years.

She was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2013. Prior to this she worked as a statutory Independent Mental Health Advocate in residential settings, hospitals and prisons. She has a vast and varied experience of working with vulnerable adults and children. She was involved in changing and shaping policy to ensure enhanced protection of the civil liberties within mental health institutions.

Patricia has attained Panel accreditation from the Law Society’s Mental Health Panel scheme. She represents clients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended by the 2007 Act). Her experience includes representing clients at Hospital Managers hearings, attending Care Programme Approach meetings and representation at the First Tier Tribunal.

She is humane, approachable, down to earth and able to relate to all whom she works with. However behind this lies a keen mind, and a passion for human rights law. She holds firmly to an old African Adage that states, “Mwana asinga cheme mumubereko, anofira mumubereko ” translating , “A child who does not cry, whilst suffocating in their sling, will surely die in their sling.”

She is an uncompromising legal representative for all her clients.


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