Trainee Solicitor | Law Society Accredited Panel Member

Sreya is a happy and enthusiastic person, who greatly enjoys exploring Mental Health Law. She recently graduated from the University of Southampton in 2018, where she realised that corporate law was not the route she wished to take for her career. Shreya realised that what she values most is being given the opportunity to work closely with her clients in order to see first-hand, the impact that her help has had on them.

Shreya’s passion for mental health law began during her second year at university, where she was elected to be the Wellbeing Officer for her University’s Student Union. This role required her to work with and interact with a large number of new people from all different walks of life. During her time holding this position, Shreya realised how important it was for society as a whole to discuss mental health matters more openly; she realised that she wanted to explore this further, whilst also utilising her legal background.

Shreya now works as a paralegal and has acted for a wide range of clients, who are both living in the community and those who are detained in hospital. Shreya prides herself on attention to detail and her case preparation involves liaising with all relevant professions to achieve the best option available to her clients.

Outside of work, Shreya greatly enjoys reading and spending time with her friends. She also loves to travel and has previously explored South America and would love to travel around Australia in the future.


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