Bison Solicitors is a Human Rights law firm with extensive experience representing non-profit organisations, employees, employers, patients, doctors and parents from a wide range of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

We are a friendly, modern, professional and people-focused team where every case matters.


Specialists in Many Areas in Law Including Mental Health Law, Family Law, Education Law and More.

For example:

We act for individuals whose rights are being violated by the public authorities.

We offer a broad range of litigation services and legal advice to our clients outside the courtroom in mediation and negotiation.

We are renowned for advising and representing clients who are subject to involuntary treatment in hospital and care home. We advocate at Mental Health Tribunals and the Court of Protection. As well as this we provide legal advice and representation in all family law and education law matters.

We provide independent accredited mediators to help you or your business reach a settlement in any ongoing disputes, without resulting to the costly court procedures.

We also provide training and advise businesses, non profit organisations and healthcare providers in employment law and regulatory compliance issues.


Understanding of Cost Issues

In selected cases we offer our services on a Pro Bono basis.  Bison is committed to offer free legal clinics to local community advice centres whenever possible.


Our Beliefs

We believe strongly in access to justice for all, as such we have implemented a Pro Bono Scheme to offer our service for free to those in most need of legal assistance. Our Pro Bono Scheme enable our lawyers the opportunity and time to make a difference to our local communities through volunteer work.

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