A huge thank you to STEPHANIE OXLEY. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and the firm for taking my case.

I have been represented better than I could have ever imagined. Myself and my son’s needs are always put first and I am treated as a friend rather than a number. My opinions are valued and my doubts are always reassured. My nerves are calmed and the process has always been explained. Stephanie has fought hard for me. She has gone above and beyond and I couldn’t have asked for a better solicitor. I can’t say enough good things she is honest, reliable, professional, and gets the job done.

Thank you also to Kate Churchouse and everyone I have dealt with at Bisons, who I have found to be most amazing, caring solicitors out there.


To whom it may concern at Bison solicitors,

Congratulations on Mr Charlie Barrass-Evans winning my CTO Tribunal case today, after a lengthy debate with the doctor, the CPN and the judge.

 I thought he did admirably at cross-examining the different parties, and he worked so hard at getting all the details from me before the case today, so he was well informed to ask me the right questions and present the right defense.



Nicola, I would like to thank you so much for the way in which you have handled this process for me and de-mystified the legal wording in some of the divorce documents. You have always been available and responded very quickly to questions and queries and I have really valued your input and advice.”

M.C. Chewaluza

“I would like to thank your firm for the services provided by Mr Charlie Barrass-Evans. My son, who was the subject of the tribunal hearing, his mother, his sisters and myself, of course, are greatly indebted to you. We were beginning to lose hope and faith in the justice system.

Mr Charlie Barrass-Evans representing me was a beacon of light in a tunnel of darkness that my family found itself in. He was able to demonstrate to the Judges of the Tribunal, the rights and wrongs and left no doubt that justice was not being done. Using legal arguments, truth and common sense he was able to convince the Judges to rule in our favour.

I am hereby recommending to anyone who finds themselves fighting for their relatives in Mental Health cases to not hesitate in engaging the services of Bison Solicitors. You will find a team dedicated to Truth and Justice. They fight for the weak and vulnerable. That has been my experience and this is my testimony.

Special thanks to Libby who represented my son and for those early hospital visits and advice.”

K. Kirk

“Millie is a very good solicitor, she understands all the procedures and does her job very well. I think Millie is excellent and I wish to carry on having her support in the future when I move onto my new placement.”

A. Elsayed

“I would recommend Daniel from Bison Solicitors for any recovering mental health patient on the section.

He balanced me, prepared me and stood by me, and was always at the end of the phone when I’ve felt like I’m at rock bottom.”

J. Lorraine

“Due to an oversight, a parking fine was not paid on time and as a result, a debt collector got involved. A fine of £35 soon turned into £320 within few weeks. As a single mum, I was terrified when a debt collector started to visit me at home making all sort of threats.

I could not afford to seek solicitor’s advice. But Donald waived his usual fee and offered to help on a pro bono basis. After a week, the debt collecting company agreed to write off the debt completely!

What can I say, Donald is fantastic, quick and very helpful. I would have no hesitation in ever recommending him!”


We were totally satisfied with the service provided by Rabia Aleem (Bison Solicitor’s representative who dealt with our application), she was friendly, helpful and very professional. Her depth of understanding and experience shines through as she confidently offer advice on numerous occasions way beyond our expectation, even when we thought we were over-burdening her with our numerous calls, she was very patient and extremely understanding.

From the first day to the day we received a positive result from our application we felt we couldn’t have had a better treatment if we were members of the Royal family. We have no hesitation whatever in recommending anyone to Bison Solicitors, thank you Rabia.

L. Bedford

“Thank you so much, Hussain, for your representation as my lawyer for my tribunal. I thought you represented me very professionally, and thank you for understanding my decision to not appeal my Community Treatment Order.

In the short-term to medium-term future I would like to show consistency in all walks of my life, and if there is another tribunal please ensure Bison Solicitors are appointed as the same lawyers.

Thank you also to Libby, Matthew and all of the staff at Bison Solicitors for the success of my Tribunal.”

P Stewart

“Finding the right solicitor and a balance of support in legal issues is often both complex and bewildering. Mr Tiong came to the rescue in my claim against a major bank towards the end of 2010. Prior to Donald’s involvement, several solicitors had refused to take on my case as I could not afford to fund the legal fee. When I met Donald, he was very sympathetic to my situation, most importantly he took issue with the bank’s bullying tactic and harassment.

4 months after his involvement, the big bank and its big law firm caved in and settled my claim out of court- The bank waived my debt and on top of that compensated me £14000! Donald had achieved a more successful and better result than could have been envisaged.

As a solicitor, he advised, listened and kept me fully informed as the case progressed. Letting me in control he never failed to communicate and was totally accessible at all times. Thank you, Donald.”

Ken Sam – Tsunami Restaurant London

“My company recently found itself involved in a dispute with one of our neighbours over an easement issue. As a result, local authority became involved. My usual legal firm advised me that we had no legal recourse so we should just “grin and bear it”. Not content with this, I sought a second opinion from Donald Tiong – what a difference in attitude and response!

Right from the first contact, I was impressed with the highly professional approach and the quick grasp of the issues involved. Mr Tiong had very soon identified a number of legal angles and provided comprehensive advice as to the approach I should take. He was also very helpful in putting our case in front of the right people at the Local Authority.

The result – a quick win for the good guys.”

V. Ryan 

“Nicola has a fantastic professionalism that reduced my anxiety almost instantly. She is sympathetic and supportive whilst still being fair, unbiased and informative. Her knowledge and skill of explaining everything so simply made what I expected to be a long stressful process so much easier.

Leaving her office after our first meeting left me with a huge sense of relief that she was in control of the process as I understood it all much better. I would recommend her services to anyone without hesitation.”

Ms Camilla Denneth – Artist’s website

“Bison Solicitors were there for me when I needed them as an inpatient in a psychiatric intensive care unit. Always at the end of the phone offering reassuring competence in the field of mental health law. I dealt with several members of the team on different occasions.

Each time I was impressed with the excellent customer service, first class communication, concern for my wellbeing, and keenness to assist me through a difficult time. Just having the knowledge that Bison Solicitors were representing me was enough to make me feel supported and confident that I would not remain in hospital any longer than was necessary.

I would 100% recommend Bison Solicitors. Thank you so much for your assistance.”

V.L – 

Morning Stephanie, Just a short email to send our biggest thanks and appreciation for all that you have done for us.  You were brilliant and we were so impressed at your professionalism, together with your kindest and understanding shown to our daughter.  It has been such a burden lifted off of her.

Thank you very much.  

Lorraine & David Forehead – www.dyslexiasurrey.co.uk

Dear Chike – We are pleased to inform you that the court case went in our favour.  We both feel it was because of the help you so kindly gave us and we can’t thank you enough.

R. Bishop


“Thanks again for your time this morning. Despite defending a difficult position, I thought you gave my wife excellent representation today. You did a brilliant job working with her before and during the hearing. Thank you very much for your support and service.”

S.F (Nearest Relative)

[Edward] Thank you again for yesterday, you were absolutely phenomenal!! In fact, I would go as far as saying you have helped [my partner] to improve his mental health far more than [the RC] has in the past 18 months. 

R. Bishop


“Thanks again for your time this morning. Despite defending a difficult position, I thought you gave my wife excellent representation today. You did a brilliant job working with her before and during the hearing. Thank you very much for your support and service.”


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