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Tailored legal advice for patients and families regarding treatment, detention, and your rights under Mental Health Law.


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Specialist Mental Health Law Solicitors

Bison Solicitors provide bespoke specialist legal advice for patients and families regarding process, treatment, detention, and your rights under Mental Health Law.

Bison Solicitors provide outstanding outcomes across the broad spectrum of Mental Health Law and Mental Health Capacity Law.

The work of a mental health lawyer is challenging but also rewarding. Bison Solicitors capture 15 years of combined experience within this sector to deliver specially tailored legal advice to patients in the Mental Health System. Bison Solicitors are experts in the industry. We act on behalf of clients with the utmost discretion, empathy and compassion whilst never losing sight of the client’s objectives.

As Law Society Accredited Panel Members, our team offer clients a wealth of knowledge, passion, and determination, evidenced by our work in high-profile and complex forensic cases surrounding Mental Health law and policy within the United Kingdom.

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The Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act outlines when a hospital specialising in mental health conditions can detain you without your permission. You may have heard this being referred to as being ‘sectioned’.

Fundamentally, the Mental Health Act is there for your protection. However, should you or your family disagree with an individual’s detention, you are within your rights to challenge and object. Bison Solicitors can provide expert legal assistance in doing this.

Where Bison can Help

Bison’s team believe it is imperative to monitor a number of issues regarding your care, to ensure you the best possible outcome in your case. These include:

  • Investigating your detention in hospital and ensuring that it is properly authorised by law and procedures prescribed by law are followed.
  • You are not forcibly medicated against your wishes unless proper legal procedures are followed.
  • That the boundaries set by the detaining authority on you are proportionate.
  • You are treated in accordance with Mental Health Law whilst in seclusion.
  • Your human rights are respected at all times.
  • Your detention will not go beyond the time limit set by the law.
  • To advise your family, or those with legal responsibility for your care, of their rights under the Mental Health Act. In appropriate cases, to appoint or remove a person to act as your nearest relative under the Act.
  • We will ensure that the Independent Mental Health Tribunal review your detention thoroughly.
  • We will ensure that the detaining authority is accountable for its decision regarding your care and detention.
  • That your needs in the community are properly assessed and provided for by the local authority.
  • For those seeking psychiatric help, we will ensure you have access to the care and treatment you require.
  • For those subject to Community Treatment Order, we will ensure that the conditions are appropriate, necessary and proportionate.
  • We pledge to thoroughly investigate your case history and put right any inaccuracy contained in your medical record in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

At Bison mental health solicitors, we feel strongly about allowing everyone to access the appropriate representation which they require.

We are proud to offer our specialist and highly regarded services as part of the legal aid scheme. Our team are here to offer an approachable service. We are well known in the field of Mental Health Law and seek to help you understand the law that affects you or your family.

We have offices in Hampshire, Cambridge, Manchester, Isle of Wight and Somerset. Call Bison now on +44 (0)1252 268068

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