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1.1 Your Privacy

a. Bison Solicitors (Bison) is committed to the protection of your privacy, and will treat all of the information you provide through the Bison website, including your registration information(if applicable), with the utmost respect. In particular, Bison  will not sell or disclose personally identifiable information about you to unaffiliated third parties except in accordance with this “Website Privacy Policy”.

b. Your use of our website constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this Website Privacy Policy. In particular, by using our website you consent to our collection, use, disclosure and transfer of your personal information, as described below. As this Website Privacy Policy may be revised by us from time to time, you should review this page regularly to ensure that you are aware of any change to its terms.

1.2 Collection of Information

a. Anonymous Browsing. When you browse Bison’s website, you are able to do so anonymously. Generally, we do not collect personal information when you browse – not even your email address. However, when you access our website your computer’s browser may automatically provide us with certain information, including information about your computer’s browser type, operating system and IP address, as well as your access date and time and your referring and exiting URLs

b. Registration and Other Personal Information. In order to access certain areas of our website, or to obtain further information from us via our website, we may ask you to provide information about yourself, including your name, contact information, the organization you come from and certain other information that Bison may use to identify you. If you choose not to provide such information, you may not be able to access certain areas of Bison’s website or to receive information that you have requested from Bison.

c. Cookies. Bison’s web servers may also place a “cookie” on the hard drive of your computer (a small data file) when you first connect to our site. This allows us to recognize your computer, on return visits, and helps us study traffic patterns on our website, to improve the site and the services that we provide. For more information about cookies and for guidance on how to refuse cookies, please see the heading below “Cookies and how to remove them.”

1.3 Use of Information

a. Information that is provided by your computer when you browse our website is used by Bison solely for internal purposes (such as evaluation of site use, assessment and improvement of site performance and improvement of the functionality and services that we are able to offer) and is not used to target individuals for marketing or recruitment. Moreover, we do not use cookies to collect and distribute information to third parties for marketing purposes.

b. Where you register with us and provide information about yourself, we will use your information to contact you and provide you with the information that you have requested from Bison. We may also use your information to keep you informed about events, publications and services provided by Bison that may be of interest to you.

c. Bison also reserves the right to disclose any information that it obtains through the Bison website to appropriate governmental or regulatory authorities, if required by law or by any governmental or law enforcement agency.

1.4 Reviewing and Updating Your Information

You may update and correct personal information you have provided via the website by emailing a request to [email protected]

Cookies and how to remove them

Purpose of our Cookies

We use cookies in connection with this website in order to:
allow your computer and our website to speak to each other in a more efficient manner
allow you to navigate the website
store normal application specific data as a you move from page to page
authenticate you as the correct user
overcome any technical difficulties which may threaten the availability of this Web site
Information stored on the Cookie

The cookie will only contain information that your computer is set to provide to the website server and you can choose to reject all cookies, although this may affect the functionality of our website for technical reasons.

We may use “Session” and/or “Permanent” cookies. Session cookies are stored on your computer only during your browsing session. These cookies will automatically delete at the end of the session when your browser closes or you log out of the website. The information contained in these cookies will generally not identify you as the user, but will allow you to navigate the website without having to log-in repeatedly. These cookies are not written to your hard drive. The Permanent cookies we use identify your browser with a unique, random number and do not reveal any personal information about you. These cookies are stored on your hard drive and help us identify you as a returning visitor to our site. This gives us more accurate data to study traffic patterns so we can improve the website and the services that we provide through the website.

How to control Cookies

Depending on the type of browser you use, you can set the browser to accept or reject all or certain types of the cookies. Your browser can also be set to tell you every time a cookie is sent to you. We have provided to you below instructions on how to choose these settings for the most popular browsers. If you require further information you could visit your hard drive.


Internet Explorer 6.0

Choose Tools and then Internet Options

Click the Privacy tab

Move the slider to choose your preferred settings.

The default setting is medium and the menu allows you to select the level of “filtering” based on (a) the source of the cookie and (b) whether the source has a privacy policy. For more specialized cookie settings click on


Internet Explorer 5.0

Choose Tools and then Internet Options

Click the Security tab

Select Internet, then Custom Level

Choose one of the options

Internet Explorer 4.0

Choose View and then Internet Options

Click the Advanced tab

Scroll down to the yellow exclamation icon under Security and choose one of the three options (accept or reject cookies or warn before accepting cookies).

Internet Explorer 3.0

Choose View, then Options and Advanced. You can click on the Warn Before Accepting Cookies command.


Choose Preferences from the Edit menu.

Select Privacy & Security, then select Cookies.

Choose your preferred settings.

Mozilla Firebird 0.7

Click on Tools, then Options

Select the Privacy icon in the left-hand panel

Click on Cookies.

Choose your preferred settings.

Netscape Navigator 7

Choose Preferences from the Edit menu.

Select Privacy & Security, then select Cookies.

Choose your preferred settings.

Netscape Navigator 6

Choose Preferences from the Edit menu.

Select Privacy & Security, then select Cookies.

Choose your preferred settings.

Netscape Navigator 4

Go to the task bar and click Edit. Click Preferences and Advanced, and then choose your options in the Cookies box.


Click on the File menu on the Opera tool bar

Go to Preferences at the bottom of the File menu

Click Privacy and select one of the available options.

Apple Macintosh

Internet Explorer 5 (MacOS X)

Choose Preferences from Explorer menu

Select Receiving Files options

Select Cookies

Choose your preferred settings

Internet Explorer 5 (MacOS 9)

Choose Preferences from Edit menu

Select Receiving Files options

Select Cookies

Choose your preferred settings

Safari 1.0 (MacOS X)

Choose Preferences from Safari menu

Select Security icon

Cookie settings are shown in window

Choose your preferred settings


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