Commercial LPA

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How can Bison’s Commercial LPA team help you?

In business, there is a multitude of legalities which must be adhered to throughout the day-to-day running of the company.

Should you become unable, through mental or physical incapacity, to adhere to these legal requirements, there is no one who is able to step-up and continue running the business in your short or long-term absence. Unfortunately, this would affect staff wages, bills, and other business outgoings. Highlighting a frightening potentiality for the continuity of your business, and livelihood.

Bison Solicitors can put in place the necessary precautions to ensure that, should you be unable to, your business will have the correct legalities in place to continue running in your absence.


Bison’s team can provide you with an accurate understanding of the principles behind securing your businesses future. Our team will guide you in deciding and will provide an actionable plan-B for your business.

To prevent your business from operating without the security of a decision-maker, Bison Solicitors can put in place an essential business continuity plan. In this plan, a commercial lasting power of attorney will be appointed by you. This person will be able to make decisions on your behalf regarding your business, should you no longer be able to do so yourself.


In addition to making key business decisions, you can also appoint someone to take care of the overheads, wages, and other crucial business outgoings. This is called a property and financial affairs LPA.

Your Bison adviser will talk with you about the lasting power of attorney costs, and ensure you receive the most relevant services for your needs.

Our team are happy to help talk you through the process of registering power of attorney for your business affairs. Please contact us to arrange a free 30-minute consultation.

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