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Bison’s family law department can help you solve the sensitive issues surrounding personal relationships, family breakdowns and arrangements for your children should you choose to separate or divorce.


How can Bison’s Family Law team help you?

Bison Solicitors – Family Law Matters

The law and families only tend to become involved with each other at the best and worst of times. Often the requirement for legal advice comes after a long period of reflection or gradual breakdown of a relationship.

Bison’s family law department is here to help you resolve the sensitive issues surrounding personal relationships, family breakdowns and arrangements for your children in the event of separation or divorce.

How we can help You with Family Law

Bison has a dedicated team of experienced family law solicitors throughout the UK. At the heart of our firm is the desire to help people and get their lives back on track. Our family team offers comprehensive support through, what are often, exceptionally emotional and difficult times. We provide a service that navigates potentially delicate areas of personal relationships as smoothly and rapidly as possible.

As a valued client of Bison, you will be partnered with your own advisor, who will expertly and efficiently guide you through the legal processes involved in this area of law, with a thorough understanding of you and your case. They will ask questions, listen and understand your situation and only then offer advice.

Let us help you today with family law

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Choose Bison to represent You

You deserve the best legal advice when it comes to your future, your family and your assets. Our team has developed expertise in a wide range of family law-related cases and each of our solicitors brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help parties reach an agreement amicably and efficiently. Bison never treat you as just another legal matter. We know your situation, relationships, emotions and outcomes are unique.

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“Thank you so much for the way in which you have handled this process for me and de-mystified the legal wording”

T Wells

“You did a brilliant job working before and during the hearing. Thank you very much for your support and service.”

R Bishop