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The EU referendum result had a wide-reaching impact in terms of its effects on the existing UK population, as well as those looking to work and live in the UK. With the 2019 Conservative election victory, Britain looks set to finally leave the EU. But however much some may want to ‘Get Brexit Done’ the reality is that the arguments, negotiations and uncertainty look likely to continue for many years to come.

For those looking to enter the UK or those already working, studying or resident here on a visa, the uncertainty and worry is particularly acute.

The issues surrounding the registration requirements for EU citizens can be complex and, as you may have seen from stories in the press, decisions are sometimes not what was expected.

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If you are from the EU and are looking to secure your UK residence rights then we’re here to help.

Bison Solicitors has an excellent track record in immigration matters. Many of our solicitors are first- or second-generation immigrants themselves, with several hailing from EU countries.
We’re based in Aldershot in Hampshire, with further offices in Manchester, Bristol and St Alban’s. This means we are well placed to handle visa applications and other immigration issues across much of the country.

Your personal adviser will help explain your options, providing practical and realistic guidance during what can be an uncertain time. They will also assist you in establishing your UK immigration status.

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Workers’ rights and Brexit

Free movement policies enjoyed by all EU citizens as part of membership of the European Union have allowed EU citizens to move, study and work abroad with frictionless ease. Brexit will change these rights and, for the vast majority of UK residents, remove the right to free movement within the EU. This creates issues for those working abroad in the EU, for employers who rely on those workers, and for EU citizens working in the UK.

Our expertise in the field has seen our UK immigration lawyers working in many different areas. These include the points-based system and sponsorship management systems, as well as applications for leave to remain outside of the immigration rules.

Changes in European Union legislation have also been a focal point of our recent work. Whatever your situation, we can review it and guide you through the best course of action.

Helping you across all aspects of immigration law

The immigration process in the UK has always been complex and in the run up to Brexit has become more so. It requires a thorough understanding of the intricate processes and attention to changing requirements and other developments.

To start with, we can provide up-to-date legal advice to ensure you and your family are able to continue living and working legally in the United Kingdom.

Our experienced UK Immigration Lawyers will also work with passion and dedication to help you achieve a successful outcome. That could be on anything from beginning the formal process of applying for a UK work visa through to naturalisation as a UK citizen. Bison can also assist with bringing your spouse or dependants to the UK to live with you.

In any of these instances, if a decision goes against you, we can look for grounds on which to appeal it.

More Brexit-related legal expertise at lower cost

The great majority of our work is funded by legal aid, and you may well be eligible for this financial assistance. If you do engage us as a private client, you’ll find that our fees are much lower than most other solicitors charge – for details go to our Immigration Law Fees page

For more information about how we can help with immigration matters generally, see our Immigration Law Overview

To find out how we can assist you on Brexit-related immigration issues, please call us on +44 (0)1252 268068

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Following the mounting ambiguity in terms of the UK position following the referendum, the United Kingdom finally reached an arrangement with the European Union in December 2017, an agreement echoed within a draft treaty published in March 2018 intended to circumvent any negative Brexit repercussions for these individuals, for whom many have already re-established their lives here in the UK.

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